Im a celebrity get me out of here!!

Based on the popularity of the show and this year the show is set in a Welsh castle it has boosted the interest in castles. I wish to emphasize that Landmark Trust restores many castles so people can stay in them. Please visit the site for more information on hundreds across the whole ofContinue reading “Im a celebrity get me out of here!!”

Latest news from Landmark Trust

We’re reopening! The UK government has announced that summer holidays are back on the horizon. We’ll be reopening Landmarks from 4 July on Lundy and 6 July in England, and are working towards 13 July in Wales and 17 July in Scotland


This stately home in Surrey is a place we have been to a couple of times, once for Christmas and another for the New Year’s celebrations. Built by Edwin Lutyens in 1898 it has lovely gardens through which you can stroll or you may prefer to venture out to the surrounding forests. This property hasContinue reading “Goddards”

My first Landmark

I was nought years old when I attended my first Landmark in Saddell Castle near the Mull of Kintyre, Scotland. Saddell Castle is situated in a stunning location by the sea and you have a beach to yourselves. It sleeps 8 people. I only have family photos of me there as a baby but myContinue reading “My first Landmark”

The journey

I always found the journey to be part of the buzz as each of the families travelled from different parts of the country and we would meet for the first time in a pub near to the venue, selected at random. You never knew beforehand exactly how long the journey would take as the locationsContinue reading “The journey”

How did it all start?

“Would you like to spend Christmas in a Castle?” read the headlines on the Daily Telegraph Supplement way back in the 1970’s (long before I was born). Yes I most definitely would, thought my Mother and plucking up courage asked the gentleman sitting across from her on the train if he would let her haveContinue reading “How did it all start?”

I have had unexpected but very welcome news regarding my blog. It has been selected by as one of the top 50 Travel blogs in the UK. I have great pleasure in creating a link to other amazing travel blogs where people are writing about their experiences and adventures .

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