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Escape to the Islands?

Landmark Trust have 2 properties in Channel Islands and 24 on the Lundy Islands.

The most interesting is Fort Clonque on Guernsey. Overlooking the sea an old fort was originally built to fend off the French in 1850s. Sleeps 13 and makes a great Summer get away due to the warmer climate one can get in the channel islands. The rooms are split up into Quarters for example Officers’ and Soldiers’.

Staying here would allow everyone to experience the wonders and splendor of Guernsey and rest of the rest of the channel islands. And take in activities such as as fishing and beach walks.

Lundy islands in the Bristol Channel can be reached by boat or helicopter. Landmark Trust has 24 properties ranging from cottages, to lighthouses and castles that can accommodate from 1 to 14 persons. Also has camping options for upto 40 people.

The islands are a granite outcrop of about 1100 acres and is an important marine reserve area and has many unique wildlife such as the Lundy Ponies. The island has a population of 28 and a single pub. Best to let potential visitors discover the other treasures these islands have to offer.

I regret that I have not been to any of the mentioned islands but have always remained on our radar. Wanted to highlight how spread out and diverse Landmark Trust is as a whole and reaches all corners of the UK.


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