The Martello Tower

My favourite Landmark – hmm that’s really hard as I have enjoyed them all so much.  Right, as I can’t make up my mind I am going for our first Landmark (at least 45 years ago) which was the Martello Tower (picture on Home Page) near Aldeburgh, Suffolk.  Being the largest of a chain of towers to keep out Napoleon it is built with nearly a million bricks.

I would suggest that any future Landmarkers do not arrive when it is dark.  Needless to say we did and it took all five of us to dig our car out of the shingle on the beach because we had veered off to the left a bit too much. (Since drafting this I have learnt that apparently it was I who was driving – I don’t think so!) By the time we had trundled all our food and gear across the drawbridge we were exhausted but exhilarated by the sight before us.  A building with at least six feet thick walls, beautifully renovated into living accommodation.   There are stairs to a roof platform and stairs to a dungeon.  We made use of both. 

It was so atmospheric to hear the waves crashing against the walls at night. I hope the hammock is still there – I spent many an hour reading and rocking with the wind howling outside.  Lovely memories.

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