About Landmark Trust

About Landmark Trust

So, what is Landmark Trust?

Hello I am David Allison one of the members of a group of families, all with an appetite for adventure, who have for the last 50 years been enjoying the wonderful historic buildings of the Landmark Trust. A core group of people, my parents and their friends, were the first pioneers of these adventures. Families have come and families have gone but the core group remained. Over the years into the group babies have been born and sadly friends have died. However, all have stories to tell and I hope that by using this blog site they, and others, will share their experiences of visiting the Landmark Trust properties.

Landmark Trust is an organization that takes old properties such as abandoned castles, stately homes, various types of towers (from water to martello), abbeys and anything of historical interest and refurbishes them to bring them back to life. The refurbishments are always sympathetically done to an extremely high standard, often using local craftsmen, and they come in all different shapes and sizes as you can see from the photos on the external photos page.

They fund the projects by hiring out the places for holidays. I hasten to add that all have modern bathrooms and kitchens. Everything is warm and cosy. Through the years I have had the good fortune to stay in some of the best castles, manor houses and towers at Christmas literally locked away with a great group of people, alongside lots of food, or should I say feasts, plenty of drink, great games (including murder in the dark) and carol singing beside a roaring fire. I have travelled across much of Britain to areas that I would not have ever visited or seen if it were not for the Landmark Trust from the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland to the Carpenter’s Cottage in Coombe, Dorset. I must not forget Alton Station – a disused railway station, when at about six years old we saw Santa coming through the tunnel carrying a lantern! They also have properties in Guernsey, Lundy, Italy and the USA and possibly lots of other places.

I have added a map page which belongs to the Landmark Trust with red dots which highlight all the properties anyone can stay in.

The various properties can accommodate between 1-12 people.

Please click on the Landmark Trust link  https://www.landmarktrust.org.uk/  for more information.

In addition to hoping that the families I have spent time with and also other Landmarkers will write about their experiences I would also welcome any information about other organizations around the world who do similar things?

In order to book properties for holiday purposes you can use the link above and book through the Landmark Trust’s website. They will also send you a book of all their properties together with a pricelist.


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